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Lab Countertops & Work Surfaces All SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, All California, All U.S.

Smart Design, Tough, Affordable Lab Countertop & Worksurface Materials for Any Environment or Application

Biotech – Electronics – Manufacturing – IT – Maker Space – Cleanrooms – Static Control – Healthcare – Education – Industrial – Food Service

At JHA Techspace we offer you a comprehensive selection of uber quality, tough worksurface materials to assure the right solution for your project, including:

• High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
• Phenolic Resin
• Cleanroom Laminate
• ESD (Static Safe) Laminate
• Solid Maple Butcherblock
• Stainless Steel

Choose your lab countertops and work surfaces in standard depths of 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48”, and standard widths (lengths) of 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 96”, and 120”.

In addition to our standard sizes, we can also accommodate most custom requests. Best lab countertops and work surfaces all California, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Irvine, Riverside, San Diego, and all U.S. locations sales and support.

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JHA Techspace is pleased to offer high quality solutions for your lab, industrial, electronics, classroom, or other workspace. Browse through more details here, and contact us for any custom solutions you may need. We are here to listen and provide the best service and support to create the most efficient and productive workspace imaginable.

HPL, Cleanroom, and ESD Laminate Information

HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE (HPL) – Optimal choice for most standard lab and tech workspace applications, without aggressive heat or temp exposures.

• Economic
• Very durable, water-resistant
• Handles light corrosive chemicals
• ESD available for static control

• Edge seams may be vulnerable to aggressive chemicals and excessive, continuous moisture exposure
• Not appropriate for stronger chemicals or high temperatures
• Corners and edges subject to chipping in high traffic work areas involving carts and other aggressive contact

Our laminate worktops are 1.125″ thick with front edges ‘post formed’ (radius front edge) for most robust performance. We offer unique protection with an aluminum sheet moisture barrier added on the underside designed to extend product life. T-mold and square edge options. A great choice for most ‘dry’ applications.

CLEANROOM LAMINATE – Our cleanroom laminate is identical to standard laminate. By bonding the underside with another laminate layer, the core material is more fully sealed. The result is a reduction in potential micro particles entering the environment.
• Meets requirement for some low to medium performance level cleanrooms
• Not recommended for Class 100 or better
• Stainless steel or phenolic resin is most typically the preferred material for moderate to high performance cleanrooms
• NOTE: We also offer Cleanroom/ESD worksurfaces and shelves

ESD LAMINATE – ESD laminate is the key element of an ESD bench or workstation’s overall system to protect static sensitive electronic devices.
• Contains a carbon layer that makes contact with our bench’s steel framework, creating a ‘path to ground’ and an ESD safe surface
• ESD laminate is an alternative to ESD mats by assuring full surface coverage
• Dissipates a 5K volt static charge to zero in <0.1 second.
• Easy to maintain
• Guaranteed to meet all industry performance standards
• NOTE: The ESD path to ground design for shelves differs from the worktop design. Shelves will come with flush top pass-thru bolts with a grounding wire.

Phenolic Resin and Epoxy Resin Information

PHENOLIC RESIN – Ideal for most applications in biotech, life sciences, chemical, pharmaceutical, food development and related industries.

• High level of chemical & bacteria resistance
• Rated for 350°F exposure
• Flame resistant, non-conductive
• Moisture proof, anti-warp
• Scratch resistant
• Easily field modified

• Not recommended for steady exposure to temps above 350°F, or exposure to very hot acids, e.g. phosphoric or sulfuric
• Not moldable into sinks (use epoxy resin or stainless steel)

Our standard phenolic material is available in 0.75” & 1” thicknesses. Typically, 1” is used for worktops and 0.75” for shelves, but these are customer choices. We typically stock phenolic in the most popular color – black – which allows us significant price and lead time advantages. White may be available but may extend lead time.

Traditional material used for extreme chemical and heat applications. Contact us for availability.

Butcherblock and Stainless Steel Information

SOLID MAPLE BUTCHERBLOCK – Good choice for industrial other hard use applications, 1.75” thick.

• Robust and resistant to abrasion and hard use involving tools, sharp objects, etc.
• Repairable; more than other materials, maple can be repeatedly sanded down and refinished
• Appealing appearance
• Widely specified for maker space facilities at universities, product R&D, etc.

• Though repairable, the wood is more subject to staining, absorption, scratches and damage than other materials
• Requires regular maintenance/recoating oil or lacquer finish

Our solid maple butcherblock is 1.75” thick and available with an oil or lacquer finish. The hardwood strips vary in width, alternating between single and double widths, enhancing strength.

Our heavy-duty, #304 stainless steel worktops and shelves are ideal cleanroom or sterile environment material solutions. Electropolish option.

• Highly durable
• Corrosion resistant, no particle shedding
• Resistant to heat, moisture and chemicals
• Easily cleaned and retains inherent properties for many years
• Common usage in life sciences, labs and cleanrooms, including for casework, storage cabinets, shelving, etc.
• Sleek appearance

• Not highly scratch resistant
• Not viable for ESD applications
• Optional SS formed over sealed wood core

Our stainless steel worktops come with welded stainless steel supports on the underside for optimal strength.

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