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Frequently Asked Questions

Do JHA Techspace products need to be assembled?

The industry standard for modular lab furniture, especially lab benches, is to ship “K.D.” (knocked down), meaning that components are boxed and strapped onto pallets for shipping, and then get assembly once received. The reason is simple economics. In the majority of cases it’s the most cost-effective solution, since the weights and sizes typically mean prohibitively high shipping costs. (And fully assembled lab workbenches can often be difficult to manage through halls and doorways when fully assembled.) That being said, we are always ready to work with customers on the design, build, and shipment of fully or partially pre-assembled units.

Casework and cabinetry typically ships fully assembled. Chairs are partially assembled and ship individually boxed. Non-tool assembly takes about 5 minutes. Wire shelving and carts ship K.D. and assemble simply with no tools required.

It’s important to note that our lab benches, tables and workstations are designed to be much simpler and faster to assemble than virtually any other manufacturer’s similar products. This can result in significant overall project cost savings.  

For many clients, the needed assembly resources (technicians, facility or maintenance personnel, etc.) are on site or locally available. We always discuss assembly/installation factors early on in our customer communications to make sure that, together, we get your specific, optimal plan clearly identified.

Note: We offer comprehensive assembly and installation services by established, qualified installers – nationwide.

What’s the warranty on JHA Techspace products?

For the majority of our lab benches, tables, workstations etc., the warranty is 25 years.* This is non-pro rata, meaning that any product failure claim during that time (from original purchaser) will result in a replacement product, or repair, at no cost. This generous warranty, in place for over 20 years, is possible because our products  are exceptionally durable and failures are rare. Seating warranty is 10 years.

But here’s the real world benefit for bench and seating customers: if any product is received damaged, either mistakenly shipped from factory or a result of shipper mishandling (freight damage), we simply require a photo or two. We then immediately process an order to ship a replacement, to deliver ASAP. And, we almost never require any damaged product to be returned, or for the customer to fill out any paperwork, or require them to deal with freight companies.

Contact us for warranty info on casework, cabinetry and other products.

*For full clarity, see our warranty statement. 

Does JHA Techspace do special sizes or custom products?

Absolutely. We’re very ‘custom friendly’ and have extensive design and manufacturing capabilities in steel, stainless steel, laminate, phenolic resin, and more. Every year we produce hundreds of non-standard and custom products for customers, without engineering fees.  

What are JHA Techspace’s lead times?

We’re pretty sure that we stock larger quantities of materials than virtually all of our competitors, and for the last two years the factory has been continually expanding production capacity. We all know there are supply and logistics issues that impact all manufacturers. But our experience is that customers almost always find our lead times to be shorter than the competition — sometimes dramatically.

We know that specific schedule information matters. So, when you contact us and we get an idea of what you’re looking for, we’ll get the most current and accurate projections to you quickly.  

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