The J4E series utilizes formed steel legs and steel channel vs. heavier duty tube steel. When top aesthetics aren’t a priority, this more industrial looking bench delivers solid quality at a much lower price, backed by a strong warranty. Leg inserts for height adjustment included!

Key Design Features:

  • Formed steel legs, steel channel frame, rear brace
  • 700+ lb. load capacity
  • Multiple standard sizes – special dimensions available.
  • A full range of add-on components guarantees the optimal configuration, regardless of the application or industry or unique user requirements.
  • Several color options

Standard Sizes:

  • Width: (length) 48”, 60”, 72”, 96”, 120”
  • Depth: 24”, 30”, 36”
  • Height: 30” – 36” in 2” increments via leg extension settings

Worksurface Materials:

  • ‘HPL’, high pressure laminate: For most standard operations and applications
  • Phenolic resin: Anti-microbial, chemical & temp resistant, for science uses in bio/pharma, chemical labs, etc.
  • Epoxy resin: Comparable to phenolic (spec. sheets avail. for both resins)
  • ESD laminate: Electrostatic control for sensitive electronics
  • Stainless steel: Optimal for the most rigorous cleanrooms in electronics, biotech, etc. as well as food and other applications
  • Cleanroom laminate: HPL with laminate underseal, often specified for cleanrooms with less than the highest ratings
  • Maple butcherblock. 1.75” solid hardwood. Takes abuse, can be refinished. Often used in industrial and other heavy duty workspace.

Add-on Accessories / Options:
Most typical are upper shelves (adjustable or fixed, various materials), power and/or data channels, suspended drawers/cabinets, bottom shelves, overhead task lights, monitor arms, CPU holders, keyboard trays, footrests, parts bin rails, MORE …

Most of the accessories found on the J4L Design Guide also adapt to JCR Series.

Optional: Height adjustable workbenches (manual or electric), custom sizes or configurations. Fully welded frames. Added bracing for extra high weight loads or vibration control, double-sided or island frames . . .

Need something extra or different? We like to accommodate.


The #J4E ‘starting point’: Steel frame with rear brace and a worksurface.

Specify size & worksurface material.
Add available accessories & options as needed.