Ideal for Labs, Manufacturing, Engineering, Test/Assembly, Medical, Computing, Cleanrooms, Industrial, and more…

Our 4 Leg Workbenches are fully modular, i.e., they can be easily sized and configured as needed for your application. Select from a wide variety of accessories, components, and dimensions. The photos below are examples – “idea starters”. See the J4L Guide for the Full Range of Available Workbench Accessories.

Key Design Features:

  • Heavy duty 2×2 steel leg frames with high weight load capacities and strong aesthetics
  • 2’ – 10’ lengths.   Multiple depth and height options.
  • Our extensive catalog of accessories & components assures optimal configurations
  • Highly adaptable & configurable to all work environments
  • Height adjustability features, mobile units,
  • Any worksurface and/or shelf material. We’ll help you match the optimal material to the application, whether it’s biotech, electronics….or the warehouse.
  • Many standard and custom color finishes
  • We’re custom-friendly! Just contact us and we’ll work out your ideal, non-standard lab bench design, at a surprisingly reasonable price.

We fully support our customers’ needs for their optimal, individualized configuration(s). How? By offering the industry’s most comprehensive selection of productivity accessories & components: Drawers – Power Channels – Shelving – Task Lighting….and that’s just the start.

See our J4L Design Guide

Contact us. We are committed to professional, attentive customer support. We will work closely with you to help define your optimal configurations.

Sample configurations:


The J4L ‘starting point’:
Steel 4-leg frame and a top. Specify size & worksurface material. Add available accessories & options as needed.


#J4L3072: 30×72 lab workbench with 48”H uprights, task light, adjustable laminate shelf, parts bin rail, monitor arm, power backsplash, box/file drawer, keyboard tray and lower shelf


#J4L3660-E: 36×60 ESD electronics lab workbench, fixed height shelf supported by box risers  with 8 outlet power backsplash, box drawer, adjustable footrest.


#J4L2448-M: 24×48 mobile lab workbench, HPL worksurface, two adjustable shelves on uprights, two box drawers and lower shelf.


#J4L3060-R: 30 x 60 science lab bench with phenolic resin worksurface, power backsplash, leg inserts for height adjustability.


#J4L3672: 36 x 72 lab bench with task light, chrome wire rack adjustable shelf, parts bin rail, power backsplash


#J4L3684-C: 36 x 84 lab/tech bench with cantilever shelf on welded supports, tack panel, custom power/data channel, box/file drawer, footrest. undershelf light

u layout

U configuration with diagonal ‘sit-at’ corners

l layout

L Configuration