Productivity, Ergonomics & Value for Biotech, Electronics, Cleanrooms, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Industrial, etc.

4 leg merged

4-Leg Design, Heavy Duty

Our most popular lab workbench: Aesthetic,
flexible, cost-effective. Configure the optimal
tech bench for any industry or application

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C-Frame Workbenches

Alternate, sturdy lab workstation
designs with ergonomic cantilever styling

economy merged

Economy Tech Benches

Low price point lab workbenches.
Solid builds with strong warranty

Stainless merged

Stainless Steel Lab Benches

Cleanroom & Anti-microbial Applications

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Double-Sided Workbenches

Most Efficient Use of Expensive Floorspace

industrial merged

Industrial Work Benches

Extra robust, for high weight loads
and/or other hard use applications