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Single & Multiple Opening Units

JHA Techspace provides some of the industry’s most advantageous pricing for high-quality steel lockers.

Fast Delivery! Most models are available to ship within 3-5 days. Transit times, 2-3 days typical.

We Can Ship Your Lockers Fully Assembled! See info below.

Constructed of 16 gauge steel, our SB1 Series steel lockers provide secure storage, privacy, strong aesthetics and a variety of features and options.

SB12 Series


  • 12” wide (See extra wide options below)
  • 12”, 15” or 18” deep
  • One, two, three or four tier (openings) in 5’ or 6’ heights
  • Five or six tier units (‘box lockers’) in 5’ or 6’ heights

All locker frames are available as singles (‘one-wide’) or triples (‘three-wide’). This allows maximum flexibility in locker layouts in rows or other configurations.


  • Vented doors, standard on all tier units
  • Lift Handle with hasp for padlock included on one, two and three tier units. Hasp for padlock included on box lockers (no lift handle). User provided padlock or include as option with order.
  • Garment Hooks: 3 single wall hooks and a double ceiling hook for single tiers. Wall hooks only in 3 tier units.
  • Adjustable Shelves: 1 standard in single tier. Optional for double tier units.


  • Number Plates
  • Sloping Hoods
  • Finished End Panels
  • End Base Panel
  • Front Base Panel
  • Toe Kick Base
  • Anchoring Brackets
  • Built In Locks, Padlocks
  • Filler Panels
  • Extra shelves (1X & 2X tier)

SB1-W Series – Extra Wide

  • 15” or 18” width options

Finish Colors:

  • Blue, Beige, Gray

Two Shipment Options:

  • K.D. (knocked down) for on-site assembly.
  • Pre-assembled

K.D. is the lower price option for product
and freight costs, but assembly costs should
be considered for evaluating total budget.

double tier row

Double Tier Row

box locker bridge

Box Locker Bridge

Locker Opening
Part # – 1 Wide Part # – 3 Wide
SINGLE TIER LOCKER-12″W X 60″H (66″H w/legs)
12×60 J61152 J61352
15×60 J61155 J61355
18×60 J61158 J61358
SINGLE TIER LOCKER-12″W X 72″H (78″H w/legs)
12×72 J61162 J61362
15×72 J61165 J61365
18×72 J61168 J61368
DOUBLE TIER LOCKER-12″W X 60″H (66″H w/legs)
12×30 J62152 J62352
15×30 J62155 J62355
18×30 J62158 J62358
DOUBLE TIER LOCKER-12″W X 72″H (78″H w/legs)
12×36 J62162 J62362
15×36 J62165 J62365
18×36 J62168 J62368
TRIPLE TIER LOCKER-12″W X 60″H (66″H w/legs)
12×20 J63152 J63352
15×20 J63155 J63355
18×20 J63158 J63358
TRIPLE TIER LOCKER-12″W X 72″H (78″H w/legs)
12×24 J63162 J63362
15×24 J63165 J63365
18×24 J63168 J63368
FIVE TIER BOX LOCKER-12″W X 60″H (66″H w/legs)
12×12 J65152 J63352
15×12 J65155 J63355
18×12 J65158 J63358
SIX TIER BOX LOCKER-12″W X 72″H (78″H w/legs)
12×12 J65162 J63362
15×12 J65165 J63365
18×12 J65168 J63368
2 by 3
3 by 1
5 by 1
6 by 3

Also Available:

  • Plastic Lockers
  • Cell Phone Lockers

Contact us for details.

plastic locker
cellphone locker